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Dyslexia: Accommodations Accommodations   allow   a   student   to   compensate   for   their   hard   wired,   neurologically   based   reading   difficulty   and   allow   them to have the same opportunities to succeed as individuals without dyslexia. Dyslexic   readers   have   to   use   more   mental   energy   and   perform   more   fundamental   steps   to   decode   words   than   the   non- dyslexic   reader.      Consequently,   they   need   more   time   to   accurately   decode   and   comprehend   words   than   the   non-dyslexic reader. The   severe   dyslexic   reader's   reading   skills   may   not   be   adequate   for   extended   time   alone   to   allow   them   to   sufficiently compensate and may need to have tests read to them.     Technology Assistance The   Livescribe   Smartpen   captures   every   lecture   note   you   make   and   every   word   of   the   lecture   and   synchronizes   with   the audio   recording   of   the   lecture.      Inside   the   pen   is   a   camera   and   microphone.   If   you   are   a   slow   writer,   have   difficulty   taking notes,   just   do   the   best   you   can.      You   can   go   back   and   listen   to   any   part   of   the   audio   recording   by   tapping   anywhere   on   your written   notes.   The   audio   will   begin   from   that   point   in   your   notes.   If   when   listening   to   the   audio   recording   you   discover   you have   missed   important   information,   you   can   add   it   to   your   notes   at   that   time.      You   can   also   transfer   notes   to   your   computer through Livescribe Desktop software.  Click here for the Livescribe website . The   Dragon   Naturally   Speaking   program   for   PC   users   and   Dragon   Dictate   for   Mac   users   is   a   voice   recognition   program   that allows   you   to   dictate   your   ideas   and   watch   your   words   appear   on   the   computer   screen.   Dragon   can   benefit   people   who   have difficulty   efficiently   expressing   themselves   in   writing.      You   can   dictate   an   e-mail,   surf   the   web   using   voice   commands,   or write a paper.  You can also dictate using your Blackberry, iPhone, iPad or iPad touch.  Click here for the Dragon website . Reading   pens   are   great   gadgets   to   help   the   dyslexic   reader   decode   words.      Simply   scan   the   pen   over   the   word   and   it pronounces   the   word.      There   are   many   brands   on   the   market   including:   Franklin   AnyBook   Reader   ( Franklin   website ),   the Wizcom ReadingPen ( Wizcom website )  or other similar products. Kurzweil   Readers   from   the   Kurzweil   Educational   Systems,   which   was   founded   in   1996.   The   roots   of   the   company   extend back   to   1976   and   the   introduction   of   the   world's   first   reading   system,   the   Kurzweil   Reading   Machine.   Today,   the   company   is recognized   as   the   leading   developer   of   reading   technology   for   people   with   learning   difficulties   and   those   who   are   blind   or visually   impaired.   Kurzweil   Educational   Systems   currently   offers   Kurzweil   1000,   Kurzweil   3000   for   Windows   and   Kurzweil 3000   for   Macintosh.   All   products   incorporate   the   most   clear,   human-like   synthesized   voices   available   coupled   with   a   robust set   of   easy-to-use   features   for   accessing,   reading,   managing   and   creating   text   and   images.      Kurzweil   Readers   ( Kurzweil website )
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