What is Cognitive Attention Training?   Cognitive   training   consists   of   exercises   designed   to   help   improve   working   memory   ( click   here   for   working   memory   info ),   which is   the   gateway   through   which   all   intellectual   functioning   and   learning   is   processed.      Working   memory   is   the   search   engine   of the   brain .      Individuals   with   impaired   or   just   weak   working   memory   skills   have   difficulty   learning   and   performing   mental   tasks.     A weakness in working memory is a core difficulty for many ADHD and learning disabled individuals. The   program   Dr.   Smith   offers   is   the   Cogmed   Working   Memory   Training   program   ( click   for   Cogmed   Info ),   which   has   been validated   through   scientific   double-blind   that   have   ben   published   in   leading   scientific   journals.      The   Cogmed   program   is developed   for   pre-school,   elementary,   middle   and   high   school   students,   adults   and   seniors.      The   program   is   5   days   a   week   for 5   weeks   of   training,   which   is   like   going   to   the   gym   to   build   muscle,   but   in   this   case   you   will   be   strengthening   your   brain.     Studies have found that improved brain functioning is maintained even though you are no longer doing the training. The Solution The   most   practical,   cost   efficient   way   to   provide   this   training   is   to   use   your   own   home   based   computer   and   the   Cogmed internet   website   that   administers   the   remedial   exercises,   which   are   presented   in   computer   gamelike   format.   This   software allows   me   to   directly   monitor   daily   progress   and   intevene   with   weekly   phone   calls.      This   monitoring   and   professional supervision   by   a   provider   was   a   crucial   part   of   the   orginal   validating   research   that   helped   the   student   successfully   complete the program.  80% of people who complete the program showed signficant improvement in functioning. Can't I Just Buy A Program Myself? No,   Cogmed   cannot   be   purchased   by   individuals   because   a   crucial   part   of   the   program   is   the   professional   superivsion   by   the provider   to   help   the   student   complete   the   program.   There   are   software   programs   available   for   individual   purchase   and   use, but these other systems are not validated by scientific research. Scientific American Article about Cogmed Research Insurance Reimbursement The   Cogmed   Working   Memory   Training   system   is   under   review   by   many   insurance   companies.      Check   with   your   insurance   to see if the Cogmed Working Memory Training systmem has been approved for re-imbursement.
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