Robert D. Smith, PhD Diagnosis of Dyslexia, ADD & Learning Disorders Children & Adults
Welcome Specializing in the assessment for: DYSLEXIA ADD/ADHD LEARNING DISORDERS EXTENDED TIME & ACCOMMODATIONS FOR STANDARDIZED EXAM Dr. Smith is a licensed psychologist and neuropsychologist and is a consultant for the Michigan Dyslexia Institute and provides comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations for Dyslexia, ADHD and other Learning Disorders. Not sure if an evaluation is right place you or your child? All evaluations by Dr. Smith consider a braod range of causes for reading and other learning idsorders, not just Dyslexia. During the Intake Interview your history and previous evaluations, if you have them, are reviewed to determine what tests need to be administered to address your concerns and Dr. Smith will evaluate for other types of conditions that are indicated. All of this will be discussed thoroughly with you during the Intake Interview and before any testing so you can make an informed decision about what's best for you. Tele-Neuropsychology Evaluations Through Zoom All evaluations are conducted at your home through HIPAA compliant Zoom video conferencing, which are the same evaluations that are traditionally conducted in offices. This means that Dr. Smith can conduct evaluations for anyone who is anywhere in Michigan. Dr. Smith does not submit bills to or participate with insurance companies. Payment is expected on the day of service, which can be made online through Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover cards. Dr. Smith will provide you with an itemized statement with applicable procedure and diagnostic codes needed for you to submit a claim to your insurance company. Most insurance companies allow you to consult non participating providers and allow you to submit a billing statement for reimbursement. Many insurance carriers reimburse the cost for part or all of evaluation services, even from non-participating providers. Please check with your insurance company prior to the appointments to determine reimbursement. If You Are Seeking Accommodations Make Sure You Read This Adults and teens with learning disabilities or ADHD may be able to qualify to receive additional time for tests at school or in high-stakes testing situations ( SAT , ACT , MCAT , LSAT , GRE , GMAT , USMLE etc). The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal civil rights law intended to make many locations and activities more accessible to people with disabilities by requiring reasonable accommodations (modifications) that help people to compensate for their disability sufficiently to perform their job or take a test that will accurately show their true ability. People with learning disabilities in reading (dyslexia), writing or math and ADHD are recognized disabilities under the ADA. Remember, that trying to qualify for services or accommodations is a legal matter as much as it is a clinical matter. A doctor's diagnosis and recommendation does not guarantee you will be granted the requested accommodation. Also a diagnosis alone is not enough to be covered under the ADA. The ADA also requires that the individual be "substantially limited" by their disability in order to qualify for protection under the ADA. Each organization such as a school or an organization that administers high-stakes standardized tests has their own consultants who review the written evaluation report and other documentation and these separate organizations then make their own decision whether the individual qualifies for accommodations. The decisions made by these organizations may or may not review the evaluation or interpret the law correctly when deciding whether an individual qualifies for accommodations.
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