PAYMENT & INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENT Services Can Be Tax Deductible-Click Here Credentials Cost & Procedure Codes: 90791 for the Intake interview ($240) 96118 for Neuropsychological Testing for Dyslexia (typical $1690 including Intake Interview). 96118 for Neuropsychological Testing for Dyslexia & ADHD/ADD (typical $2030 including Intake Interview). (Sometimes the specific circumstances of the case call for a different testing procedure code 96101 for Psychological Testing instead of 96118). Diagnostic Codes. We cannot know which diagnostic code will be used before we meet with your for the diagnostic interview. The interview is used to review your case and determine what the diagnoses that should be considered. The most common diagnostic codes are 315.00 for Specific Learning Disorder with impairment in reading (dyslexia) and 314.00 for ADHD. Other diagnostic codes may apply. Dr. Smith does not bill or participate with insurance companies. Participation with insurance companies usually restricts the nature of evaluations that can be performed. Consequently, Dr. Smith does not participate with insurance companies nor submit billing statements to insurance companies. However, most insurance companies allow you to consult non participating providers and submit a billing statement for reimbursement. Many insurance carriers reimburse the cost for part or all of evaluation services, even from non-participating providers. Please check with your insurance company prior to the appointments to determine reimbursement. Payment is expected on the day of service. Dr. Smith will provide you with an itemized statement with applicable procedure and diagnostic codes needed for you to submit a claim to your insurance company. The following methods of payment are accepted: Visa MasterCard American Express Discover Check Cash Procedure codes are listed in each service description (in the description of services page) to assist you when you check with your insurance about coverage. Insurance company reimbursement is based on the number of hours (units) of each applicable procedure code. This usually involves one hour (unit) of Intake Interview (90791) and 8 hours (units) of Neuropsychological Testing (96118), though this may vary depending on the needs of a particular evaluation. Below is also a separate list of some of the most common procedure and diagnostic codes that may be applicable in your evaluation. Contact your insurance company to acquire accurate information concerning what is covered and the amounts covered. You need two different pieces of information when talking to your insurance policy about coverage. The Procedure Codes and Diagnostic code are needed when discussing this with your insurance.
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