Sleep and Attention When you sleep your brain is being cleared of clutter you have accumulated during your waking hours.  Quantity   of   sleep   (7-9   hours)   is   not   enough.      It   is   the   amount   of   time   you   spend   in   deep   sleep   that   counts   and   you   can’t tell that from just looking at someone. A Sleep Study is needed to accurately evaluate whether you or your child’s sleep is disturbed. Even   one   night   of   poor   sleep   will   degrade   your   processing   and   learning   power.Like   your   computer,   your   processing   speed and efficiency is degraded when your accumulate too much junk information.  Below are some links to resources that discuss this problem Impaired attention caused by sleep problems may be confused with ADHD - Adults & ADHD   Sleep problems may be related to ADHD -  Sleep Problems & ADHD Children’s   sleep   problems   produce   ADHD   like   symptoms   of   impaired   attention,   which   negatively   affects   learning.- Kids' Poor Bedtime Habits May Bring ADHD Misdiagnosis
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